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Farrell Hair Studio Trivandrum, India
Contact Farrell Hair Studio
Farrell Hair Studio
26/506 (2), Lathika Arcade, Vanross Junction
Trivandrum-695 001, Kerala State, India
Phone: +91 471-2336012,
+91 471-2337012, +91 471-4064567
Fax: +91 471 2338012

Farrell Hair Replacement, a global leader in the hair replacement scene, has firmed up measures for its foray into India. The company will be setting up its Indian subsidiary to be called Farrell Hair Replacement India, in association with a beauty care solutions provider with offices in India and the US. The first centre will come up in February 2008.

Elaborating on the India foray and the proposed Trivandrum centre, Richard Farrell, founder and pioneer of hair replacement technology, said the India entry had come about following the realization that the company did not want to miss any of the details or nuances that Farrell clients have come to know over the years.

According to Farrell, “Once we found the right partner that we were sure would deliver the high quality of customer service, we moved immediately into position. In less than a week, on February 27, we will have our first Indian hair replacement centre in the Kerala capital.”

Beauty solutions firm hopes to cash in on the expertise and fame of the hair replacement major. "With Farrell's guidance and support we are hopeful of changing the paradigm of hair replacement technology in India," Unnikrishnan, director (India operations), added.

The Trivandrum centre, which is to come up at Vanross Junction, is being slated by the company as the biggest Farrell international presence so far.

The new studio would offer 100 per cent ultra custom hair replacement systems in India, the same what Farrell currently offers at its New York, London and Los Angeles hair replacement centers.

India Welcomes Richard Farrell

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